CNC lathe CK6150



The CK6150 series CNC horizontal lathe has the characteristics of high precision, high power and high load. Its main features are
The components and structure have been optimized and designed, making it the first choice equipment for processing shafts, discs, sleeves, special-shaped surfaces and precision parts. Threaded workpiece.
Guangzhou CNC 980TB3 CNC system and fully digital AC servo system, both X and Z axes adopt semi-closed loop control
Manufacturing, the ball screw pair adopts C3 grade precision ball screw, and the electrical components are all imported or well-known domestically.
Brand, in line with CE or domestic 3C certification.
The machine tool is equipped with a well-known domestic brand Wenchang vertical four-station CNC tool holder. The tool holder has high positioning accuracy.
It has the characteristics of high strength and good earthquake resistance.
Machine tools are strictly inspected according to inspection procedures before leaving the factory. Every machine tool uses a laser interferometer.
Detect the X and Z axis positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool is stable and reliable.




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